Clinic Guidelines To Minimise Risk of Covid - 19 


  • We will operate an appointment-only system.
  • You will be screened for COVID-19 symptoms through a Consultation and Intake Form that will be electronically sent ahead of the appointment. 
  • Please don’t arrive early, to avoid people in waiting areas. Your therapist will meet you at the entrance of the gym.
  • Please bring a face covering to wear during your appointment. Spares will be available if needed.
  • If there is any doubt that you have COVID19 or been in contact with someone who has the virus, then the treatment shall be cancelled until a period of isolation has taken place in line with Government Guidelines. 
  • Although not possible during hands-on treatment, at other times (eg consultation process, note taking, exercise advice) every effort shall be made to maintain social distancing. 
  • If you cancel because you are unwell, any cancellation fee shall be waived.
  • A signed declaration between the Client and Therapist will be required before the treatment to confirm you are free of Covid symptoms and can receive treatment. 

Test and Trace 

  • If anyone in the Therapist’s household has been identified as having to self-isolate, via the Test and Trace Team, all treatments shall cease. Any bookings will be rescheduled and the NHS guidelines will be followed.
  • When the Client makes the appointment, they need to confirm that they and all members of their household have not been contacted by the Test and Trace team and advised to self-isolate. 
  • If there is a local outbreak / lockdown, your clinic shall close following the advice of the Local Authorities. 

Clinic Cleanliness 

  • No unnecessary ‘clutter’ shall be present on surfaces within the clinic. For example, towels, tape, couch roll and exercise equipment shall not be stored openly. Items are to be placed in storage cupboards, plastic containers or removed from the treatment room. No reading materials such as magazines shall be provided in Client waiting areas. 
  • Towels and couch cover shall be changed and washed at 60 degrees between each Client. If these cannot be washed immediately, they must be placed either in a sealed plastic bag or storage box and marked 'Dirty Do Not Use'. 
  • The couch shall be wiped clean using an anti-bacterial product between each Client.
  • A minimum gap of 15 minutes between each Client shall be observed and, during this time, a window and the door to the treatment room shall be opened to improve air flow, thus reducing the risk of any residual airborne contamination being present. 
  • Between each client all door handles on the access/egress route, handrail (if stairs are used), window latch and massage lotion container shall be wiped clean using an anti-bacterial cleaner. 
  • Air conditioning units and fans can be used with extreme caution during treatments. Avoid having turbulent air around the Client's face whilst treating.
  • The floor of the clinic shall be cleaned at the end of the working day. 
  • The Therapist shall change and launder their clothes at the end of the shift. 
  • The Therapist shall ensure background noise is minimised to avoid talking loudly (ie playing music loudly) and shall minimise talking when not required. This is to reduce spital which could contain the virus if present. 

Use of Face Visor / Face Coverings 

  • When hands on treatment takes place a face visor shall be worn in accordance with the Government Guidelines. Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors follow Public Health England (PHE) guidelines on Infection Control which include PPE whilst our profession falls under Close Contact Services and as such PHE have confirmed that a visor shall be worn when we are close contact with our clients. 
  • Although not mandated in the Government Guidelines, face coverings are advised by the ISRM during Alert Level 3. We recommend they should be worn from meeting the Client until the treatment room has been cleaned, towels and couch cover have been removed, bagged or placed in a washing machine. We also recommend that Clients are encouraged to wear face coverings whilst we remain at Level 3. 
  • Clients will be met at the gym entrance and asked to don a face covering for the duration of the visit and use the hand sanitiser that is available.
  • You must avoid touching your face and face covering. Before removing your face covering hands shall be washed or hand sanitiser used. 
  • When the Client is prone, if they feel uncomfortable, they may remove their face covering. If it’s a single-use face covering it shall be safely disposed of.
    The face visor shall be wiped clean between Clients using normal cleaning products. 

Hand Washing / Hand Sanitiser 

  • Before the Client arrives, the Therapist shall wash hands. When the Client arrives, they shall sanitise their hands prior to entering the premises. The Therapist shall again wash or sanitise their hands directly before starting the Treatment. 
  • When the Client leaves, both parties shall either wash or use hand sanitiser on their hands. Before removing face coverings, hand sanitising or hand washing shall be conducted.


  • The Client should pay for treatments either by bank transfer, card or payment link. Exchange of cash should be avoided if possible. If cash is transferred, hands shall be washed/sanitised after transaction. If a card machine has been used it shall be wiped down after use. 

Clients in the High Risk (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable) group

It is not recommended to treat people who are in the ‘At High Risk (Clinically Extremely Vulnerable)’ group or prior to treatment it is recommended that they seek guidance from a General Practitioner first. 

People in the ‘Moderate Risk (Clinically Vulnerable)’ who would not have needed a Gp consent previous of Covid outbreak can be treated provided that: 

  • They have been explained, they understood, and they have been given satisfactory opportunity to ask questions about face to face treatment and its increased risk of Covid infection 
  • The therapist shall implement stricter than normal "Controls" to mitigate for the client increased risk including making this first treatment of the day and minimising treatment time. 

Previously had COVID-19 

If your Client previously had COVID-19 and has now recovered, treatment may proceed, unless: 

  • The Client was hospitalised
  • The Client is still taking medication following the illness
    In this situation the Client should seek approval from their GP before the treatment can take place. 

Consumables, Coverings and Towels 

  • All consumables, eg disposable face coverings, used couch roll etc, shall be placed within the general waste for disposal.
  • All couch covers and towels should be washed immediately where possible, and if not possible, they are to be placed within a sealed plastic bag or container and marked ‘Dirty Do Not Use’ until washing is carried out. When removing towels and couch coverings from bags and containers for washing, a face covering shall be donned, and hands washed on completion of the task.