Pilates is a sequence of mobility and strength exercises designed to optimise spinal alignment and improve core strength. It is often recommended by physiotherapists and GP’s to recover from postural related injuries.

Reasons to do Pilates…

– Improves body awareness.

– Improves balance and core strength.

– Reduces back, neck and shoulder pain.

– It’s accessible to all abilities (we can adapt or modify all exercises so everyone can benefit).

– Reduce injury risk.

Classes in Upper Heyford, Fridays 10-11am, starting 25 January 2019.

Yoga is a relaxing sequence of postures to help mobilise, strengthen and tone your body. 

Reasons to do yoga…

– Enhances recovery from exercise and daily stress on the body.

– Reduces muscle and joint imbalances, and decreases injury risk.

– Improves spinal mobility.

– Improves breathing function.

– Improves body awareness.

– Reduces day-to-day stress.

Classes at Vida Health and Fitness free for gym members or £5 for non-members (one day guest pass).

Monday 18.00-19.00

Thursday 12.30-13.15


One to one sessions available. We can provide a programme specific to your needs to help you, help yourself!