Myofascial Cupping targets the musculo-skeletal system and connective tissues (fascia) of the body. It uses plastic cups and a hand pump rather than traditional Chinese Medicine, which often uses glass cups and flame, and targets on the body meridians.

The cups are applied to draw the soft tissue perpendicular to the skin creating tensile force to stretch the connective tissue. The cups can be left on the same spot and the patient is encouraged to move around to release the tightness. Cups can also be moved around. The vacuum effect pulls blood and oxygen to the area which encourages healing. However, will likely leave bruising, as the blood comes to the surface.

Benefits of Myofascial Cupping:

Increases blood flow and nutrients to the area
Increases circulation of fluid to assist recovery
Increases Range of Motion to the joints
It can help reduce localised inflammation
Breaks up and decreases congestion
Good alternative to dry needling to break down stubborn knots

Cupping can be used to help treat musculo-skeletal pain or injury, including sports injury, neck and back pain, sprains and strains, muscle imbalance.